My Role


Technical Producer


My role on the team was to script the functionality of the robot's abilities, Grapple and Push.


Both of the abilities needed to work not on just a networked player, but also on the environment and the flag.


I also implemented the UI and the scoring scripts.

What is... Robodrome

Robodrome is a 2 week rapid prototype of a networked-multiplayer, FPS PC game in Unity, made by a 5 person team.


Two teams of robots must compete in a friendly, but competitive game of capture the flag in this futuristic sports arena. Each robot has only two weapons, their left hand "grapple" and their right hand "push".


Using only the two hands, the teams must climb, push, punch, swing their way to the flag and back to their floating platform to score. High-Octane action where a skilled player can be creative with how they use the robot's abilities and defeat the enemy team "double-handedly".


Please enjoy the video above. Contact Me if you have any questions.