Mall Cop


My Role

Director of Development


I created a unique Agile development plan that evolved over time based on the feedback of the team and the needs of the project.

It started out as a "by the rules" Scrum development with 1 week sprints, then it morphed into a mix between Scrum and Spiral with 2 week iterations. Towards the end of the project, the development was more driven by Waterfall due to the hard deadline date. Throughout each process, I issued and tracked tasks and hours and kept the development team on schedule.


I know the importance of a happy and healthy team, which is why I created a gamification technique to the development. However, because of the situation, motivation based on monetary incentives was not possible. Instead I used a point system where you earn points and then able to cash in those points for rewards. These rewards range from calling and leading a meeting for whatever you want, to a grilled-cheese party. I wanted to make sure our team was more than just a group of people working together, but more like friends sharing an experience.


I will be more than happy to show you more - Contact Me and let me know you are interested.


What is... Mall Cop

Mall Cop is a 1-vs-4 multiplayer party/action game. Developed in Unity 5 over a 7-month period with a development team of 11.


Bust shoplifters or steal your way to success in this 1-vs-4 asymmetric splitscreen multiplayer action game where competition meets co-op! Play on a team of four shoplifters tasked with lifting goods from stores and exiting the mall to earn points, or play as the lone Mall Cop and identify and arrest shoplifters to win the game!


Please enjoy the video above. Contact Me if you have any questions.