KTBO - Kill The Big One


Creator/Designer/Technical Producer


I created this project and programmed all features and mechanics in C# in Unity.


At first, it was just myself who was working on this project. Half way through production, I was lucky enough to have two more producers help with KTBO. This was when I turned my attention to coordinating the work of the other two producers and making sure that the final project was cohesive and fun.

My Role


What is... KTBO

KTBO is a 2D split-screen multiplayer battle arena. It was developed in Unity over a 3 month period.


Two teams of two are pitted against each other in a battle to have the most points by killing monsters. There are three different types of monsters: a small wolf monster, a big ogre monster, and the "Big One" Boss that appears only after 5 minutes have passed in the game.


Each kill you get against a monster adds points to your team's score. But if you think it's only player against monsters, you would be dead wrong. The player is able to walk over to the other side of the arena and attack the other team at any time. Oh... and even your own teammate can kill you.


The players will rank up and buy skills and stats increases with gold coins earned. They are able to choose from 4 different heroes, who each have a unique ability that when used could change the tide of the battle.


Please enjoy the video above. Contact Me if you have any questions.