About Me

Most recently, I was an Associate/Art producer at Epic Games, working on Fortnite. I am a graduate of the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) where I earned my Masters of Interactive Entertainment. I have previous project management experience, as well as various scheduling and payroll positions. I am a dedicated worker that will put the team first. And I just got into 3D printing.

Disc Golf


When I have the opportunity, I like to play Disc Golf. I am nowhere near a professional level, but I do have some highlights to my career. I have a couple of hole-in-ones (made my mark on the baskets) and I have officially won one tournament in Orlando, FL (under the recreational level). I always make sure to have enough discs around in case anyone wants to join me.



My path wasn’t always so clear to me. I enrolled into an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class back in 2006 after a low-dip in my life. This was a great and refreshing change of pace that taught me to be calm and clear in any situation. This drastic change was exactly what I needed, and I obtained my EMT certificate with honors – but this wasn’t the finish line.


The next semester I enrolled in the Firefighter Minimum Standards class. As someone who was out of shape and not the ideal candidate, it felt like everyone was working against me to not pass that class. This was probably the best experience in my life, as I learned to handle adversity and rose to be both a natural leader and a team supporter.

Previous Performer

My previous project management experience comes from working at Universal Orlando in the Entertainment department. Over 11+ years I was an Assistant Stage Manager for Marquee events such as Halloween Horror Nights and Macy's Holiday Parade and an Operations Coordinator that launched both the Transformers Meet and Greet and the updated "Oh! The Stories You'll Hear" Animated Show, as well as some other positions.


I wasn't always in project management with Universal, I did start off as a performer. I was a Halloween Scareactor, a Macy's parade performer, a float driver for Mardi Gras, and  the occasional animated character.